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Need a Personal development expert, Business and Celebrity lifestyle strategist in your corner on a regular basis? Or how about just for a single segment?

If you’re looking for someone who knows how to cut to the heart of the matter while delivering timely, digestible, and surprisingly doable advice, you’ve come to the right place. To see examples of my guest appearances, you can click here.

Shero Magazine calls my approach, “perfectly practical,” and I am a highly sought-after speaker, as well as a frequent advice contributor to Mom of 11 kids magazine, Young Women Entrepreneur Magazine.

I’ve coached a wide variety of audiences, ranging from college students to young professionals, from executives, Athletes, to female breadwinners and couples struggling with infidelity and communication.

No matter what your Lifestyle, Relationship Topic is, I can make it interesting, relatable, valuable…and, I dare say, fun!


To learn more or to reach me regarding press inquiries and TV guest appearances, please contact: