Meet Coach April Dior

Coach April Dior is a highly sought after Lifestyle and Personal development coach. Known as “The Champions Coach, her Purpose and mission simply is “to help others pick up the broken pieces of their lives (specifically in the areas of Business development training, and Relationship coaching through personal development leadership coaching).  She has worked with countless individuals to help them create a life, business and relationship they love.  Her signature coaching programs include “The B.A.D.D GIRLS CLUB” a group coaching program that helps women transition to a life they have never dreamed possible and become successful, independent, wealthy entrepreneurs.  “The Relationship Ref”, is a signature relationship coaching program where Coach April uses her insight and practical advice to coach couples who are struggling in the areas of communication, strategies, and positivity. She has been described as “Miss Positivity”, a woman of Passion, Purpose and vision. When on Stage, as she tours the country, April Dior uses her unique and witty personality to deliver a message of hope, forgiveness, and healing to inspire other to become champions in every area of their lives.

Coach April has a B.S. Degree from Point University in Counseling and Human Relations. She is also a member of American Association of Christian Counselors. Her coaching style is rooted in Positivity and Reality based coaching principles. Coach April Dior has worked with Celebrity Clients, nonprofits organizations, and corporate, Professional Athletes and individuals from diverse ethnicities. She has also been a highly effective mentor and spiritual advisor.  Coach April has been a featured speaker on “Gods Modern day Millionaire show.” Before pursuing her dream of being a life coach, April worked for several years at a Multimillion dollar home warranty company. She also has career experience in the retail and restaurant industry. She credits theses early years in counseling and organizational development as allowing her to work in the areas of personal growth and self-awareness, interpersonal dynamics, experiential learning, professional and leadership development/training, and team facilitation. Therefore she effectively partners with others to identify where they want to go and co-create strategies to get there. Additionally, she is a mother, mentor, philanthropist and writer.